The setting for Interrogation Bootcamp takes place in the not so distant future. World War III has just ended. In what has become known as the Battle Of The Sexes, men have conceded and surrendered their right to be classified as members of the human race. The sub-species known as “man” have now been relegated to the lower echelons of society. They must conform to the wishes of the superior species known as “Woman” and serve as their minions at all times.

An underground resistance coalition has formed and six high risk suspects prisoners were summonsed and tried for espionage, treason and insubordination. They were detained in one of many authorised interrogation camps set up across the New Territory. Because of the serious nature of their offences, they were imprisoned at the Level Red security division for processing by two of the highest ranking Special Agents of The Female Supremacy.

The two Special Agents have a reputation for the strictest enforcement of The Regime’s regulations. Commended for their methodical approach to extracting information, they have been instructed by The High Commandress to use anything at their disposal to obtain a satisfactory confession.

Recent rumours have suggested menfolk being herded into similar camps, never to be heard from again.


Are you man enough?


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