Welcome to the launch of Interrogation Bootcamp

The High Commandress of the Female Supremacy has given authority to Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella to release supporting evidence of their successful exercise in torture and extraction. Commended for their exemplary work, the two highly skilled, highly ranked Special Agents detained, processed, and tried six high risk offenders and successfully obtained a satisfactory confession which lead to their demise.

Those remaining prisoners who were shown mercy did so after withstanding brutal mental and psychological conditions. All of them confessed to their crimes: treason, espionage and insubordination. In some cases the two Special Agents had to exert extreme force to get their detainees to crack, but on other occasions some of them willingly divulged classified information with just the wink of an eye.

For those masochists who enjoy witnessing Corporal Punishment, Women in Uniform, military role play, interrogation, psychological warfare and two internationally renowned Dominatrices, this is just the beginning of the way forward for the New World Order.

The launch of this site showcases the video surveillance of that fated day back on November 11th 2012. The first ten clips have been released and can be found here: http://clips4sale.com/80345

The question remains…are you man enough?

Are you man enough?


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