RETRIBUTION V5: Preliminary Interrogation

Having swooped in on the two pathetic wimps, Special Agent Whiplash orders them to start removing one item of clothing. Special Agent Bella continues to humiliate and intimidate their lowly captives and threatens to take away their manhood if they continue to refuse to talk. When the tall one strips to his underpants, nothing could have prepared our Special Agents for what he had been concealing. When they continue to interrogate the usual suspects, they continue to deny knowing where Special Agent Black is. Once our Special Agents have stripped them both naked, they are restrained with cable ties and left to ponder their demise.

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V5: SWAT’s up losers?

After their debriefing, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Whiplash enter the compound and prepare to swoop in on the subspecies known as man. Dressed in their full SWAT gear, when they barge into their unsophisticated hiding area, both of our Special Agents ferociously begin the interrogation proceedings. The tall one is no stranger to Special Agent Bella as Special Agent Whiplash begins to intimidate and berate the new, unknown quantity. When we start asking the whereabouts of Special Agent Black, both members of the inferior gender play dumb – as to be expected.

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V5: Introducing Special Agent Whiplash

Meanwhile, over at the Hampshire Basecamp, Special Agent Bella meets Her new comrade Special Agent Whiplash for the first time. She is known throughout the Female Supremacy for Her legendary swift snap kick and in this POV, Special Agent Bella welcomes Her to the elite forces. Decked out in their swat gear, ahead of the swoop, they discuss the ridiculous demands of the subspecies known as man. Considering none of the Special Agents have ever met The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy, it seems highly unlikely that either of them would know the answer. Upon reading the brief, they discover that they are in search of Special Agent Black of whom they have never heard of. Who could this mystery woman be?

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V5: Feminist Bitch

Deep undercover, Special Agent Hunter had been reassigned on a solo mission track down the coordinates of a new insurgents. However,  leaked intelligence had lead one member of the subspecies known as “man” with a brain unusually larger than the others directly to Her whereabouts. After Her capture, she awakes hooded and restrained to the booming voice of her male assailant demanding to know the whereabouts of The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy. With the skill and technique our Special Agents would be impressed with, he systematically uses every trick in the book to get Her to speak. Using everything from baseball bats and hoods soaked in gasoline, will he get her to answer his two simple questions? Who is She and where is She. Is he man enough to make Special Agent Hunter talk?

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V5: RETRIBUTION – Thursday, April 13th 2017

Since Special Agent Hunter’s reassignment to a highly classified and undisclosed location, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has enlisted a new recruit to assist Special Agent Bella on her on going task of maintaining the status quo of the subspecies known as man.


Special Agent Whiplash of the Tactical Forces Division is highly reputed for her powerful snap kick and using sadistic measures to achieve victory. With such a track record, she is the chosen comrade to join forces in carrying out the latest mission called Operation RETRIBUTION.

They have now received urgent orders from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy and are preparing for the most fierce retaliation in the history of Interrogation Bootcamp at the Hampshire Base Camp.

Ahead of their next mission, those guilty members of the subspecies known as man are requested to turn themselves in…or suffer a much worse fate.

During Interrogation Bootcamp, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but non exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE

The question remains…are you man enough?









Applications close at midnight on 01 APRIL 2017


  • Processing fee £250 (payable in advance/non refundable)
  • Offer only open to UK or European nationals
  • Limited places



noun: retribution

punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.
“employees asked not to be named, saying they feared retribution”
synonyms: punishment, penalty, nemesis, fate, doom, one’s just deserts, due reward, just reward, wages; More
justice, retributive justice, poetic justice, judgement, reckoning;
revenge, reprisal, requital, retaliation, payback, vengeance, an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth), tit for tat, measure for measure;
redress, reparation, restitution, recompense, repayment, damages, satisfaction, remedy, comeback, atonement, amends;
informalone’s comeuppance;
“the assassins were cornered, awaiting inevitable retribution”

late Middle English (also in the sense ‘recompense for merit or a service’): from late Latin retributio(n- ), from retribut- ‘assigned again’, from the verb retribuere, from re- ‘back’ + tribuere ‘assign’.
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Special Agents’ Reassignment

With yet another successful mission behind them, our two Special Agents take a moment to discuss the debriefing from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy while having a cigarette. Special Agent Hunter has been reassigned to a new outpost which is so highly classified that even Special Agent Bella will not know her exact whereabouts. Where as Special Agent Bella has been ordered to keep the HQ intact while strengthening holds in the French speaking territories: France and Switzerland. Although it seems this might be the end for Interrogation Bootcamp as we know it, the Special Agents remind you to remain alert.

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As the three subspecies losers lie naked on the cold cell floor, the two Special Agents think they ought to offer them a very special cocktail courtesy of the Female Supremacy. Only after they douse them with their bodily fluids, do they make the “weaker sex” kiss their thigh high boots to show submission before pledging alliance to work as double agents. They must each solemnly vow to take The Oath of The Female Supremacy. Making them read it out individually, the Special Agents make them read it out in unison before kissing the oath as a sign of submission.

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V4: Latex Manifesto

After leaving the three captors in the cell to contemplate their attempted conspiracy, the two Special Agents enter in a state of emergency wearing their protective latex catsuits and gasmasks. Offering to spare their lives in exchange for taking a vow to The Female Supremacy, the Special Agents turn the tables on their would be interrogators. Still disorientated from the overall ordeal of the day, the subspecies known as “man” are in a weakened position. Lying them down on the ground next to their files and hovering above them, we decide to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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