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INSURRECTION: Given the Run Around

Returning the face down position, the Special Agents take the forced exercise to the next level. Special Agent Bella begins a jogging course with Special Agent Hunter following closely behind. After running around the auditorium several times, the detainees become disorientated and confused. They are further subjected to exercise and humiliated further by their lack of manhood.

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INSURRECTION: Unleash the Beasts

Marching the four detainees to the auditorium, the detainees remain restrained with their faces to the wall. Sounding the alarm, Special Agent Hunter utters threats through her megaphone. Cutting their restraints, Special Agent Bella orders them to lie on the floor before the forced exercise begins. The detainees appear confused when they are told to do jumping jacks. Before long their weakness begins to show as they struggle to do ten push ups each.

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Interrogation Bootcamp: Masochist Training Sessions


Message from the Department of Infantry:

In between major assignments, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has given Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella permission to run a basic training camp to maintain their mental agility and physical prowess.

In order keep the momentum of the fierce conduct they’re renowned for, they will be holding one on one sessions with masochists at their Chiltern Base Camp in early autumn.

If you were wondering if you were really man enough, come to the Special Agents’ one to one masochist training sessions. Here the subspecies known as man can expect the following activities to include (but not limited to):

– interrogation

– mind control

– ballbusting

– corporal punishment (whipping, paddling, caning, strapping, bastinado)

– forced exercise

– extreme humiliation and degradation

– spitting

– face slapping

– military role play

– women in uniform

For a limited time only the Special Agents are offering 1 hour sessions for just £250

Chiltern base camp – September 19th

The question remains…


(offer only open to residents of UK or European nations)

Contact: info @

Verbal debasement

Preliminary assessments of the prisoners are being made. Lead by Agent Hunter, a variety of physical challenges are being commanded, however they seem to have difficulty following orders. As both agents continue to verbally debase the weaklings, they may just be getting an idea of what’s in store ahead. The agents step aside to employ a new set of tactics while their subjects wait in anticipation.