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INSURRECTION: Unleash the Beasts

Marching the four detainees to the auditorium, the detainees remain restrained with their faces to the wall. Sounding the alarm, Special Agent Hunter utters threats through her megaphone. Cutting their restraints, Special Agent Bella orders them to lie on the floor before the forced exercise begins. The detainees appear confused when they are told to do jumping jacks. Before long their weakness begins to show as they struggle to do ten push ups each.

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INSURRECTION: Processing the Detainees Part 2

The processing of the detainees continues as Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter frog march their next prisoner 631247 into the holding area. Both of the Special Agents are soon losing their patience with this detainee’s apparent inability to follow orders. Once the terrible twosome have processed and detained all of those who have been summoned, the sooner they can begin the due punishments.

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INSURRECTION: Processing the Detainees Part 1

Following the botched bombing of the HQ of the Female Supremacy, a further bootcamp has been set up for a new wave of detainees. Called upon one by one, the two Special Agents begin processing each detainee in their menacing manner. Particularly prisoner 131677 whom they have had a run in before. Once he has been sent to the underbelly of the camp, they call upon prisoner 631247 and drag him into the cellar where others are waiting.

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Birched into submission

Agent Hunter takes on the brains of the subspecies’ operation and puts him in a compromising position. Using the resources at hand, she uses a punishing bouquet of birches to whack him with. Only after a quick succession of lightning of blows to his backside does he finally concede and agree to take his vows to the Female Supremacy.