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RETRIBUTION V5: Special Agent Black Revealed

Going on the confession of the two detained members of the subspecies known as man, our two Special Agents set out to find Special Agent Black. Finding a body huddled under a blanket in a cell, they rush towards the trembling figure to reveal the mystery woman…who is really Special Agent Hunter. She had been reassigned, renamed and working on a covert mission so secret that none of the other high ranking Special Agents knew about. As Her former comrade, Special Agent Bella is quite emotional and concerned for Her welfare – particularly that She hadn’t been interfered with. A very disorientated Special Agent Hunter explains Her sudden capture and subsequent interrogation.

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Memo from The Department of Foreign Affairs

Tour of Duty: Bourgogne

Upon receiving highly classified intelligence from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy, our two Special Agents have been urgently ordered to report to the Burgundy Base Camp in the Bourgogne region of France.

In an unprecedented manoeuvre, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter will be asked to draw upon extreme levels of concentration to capture one unruly member of the subspecies known as man.

In short, they will be staging a kidnapping in Bourgogne, France between December 12-13th.

One unlucky member of the subspecies known as “man” will be stalked under surveillance, hog tied, thrown into a white van and driven to an undisclosed location to be put into forced labour. This prisoner will be subjected to, and pushed beyond extremes never before carried out by either of the two Special Agents.

So serious and secret is the nature of this mission, those interested parties will be required to pay a £20 fee for an application containing further information.

For this rare event, the Special Agents are commanding a tribute of 1000 Euros.

The question remains…

Etes -vous assez homme?

(offer only open to residents of France or European nations)


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