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As the three subspecies losers lie naked on the cold cell floor, the two Special Agents think they ought to offer them a very special cocktail courtesy of the Female Supremacy. Only after they douse them with their bodily fluids, do they make the “weaker sex” kiss their thigh high boots to show submission before pledging alliance to work as double agents. They must each solemnly vow to take The Oath of The Female Supremacy. Making them read it out individually, the Special Agents make them read it out in unison before kissing the oath as a sign of submission.

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V4: Latex Manifesto

After leaving the three captors in the cell to contemplate their attempted conspiracy, the two Special Agents enter in a state of emergency wearing their protective latex catsuits and gasmasks. Offering to spare their lives in exchange for taking a vow to The Female Supremacy, the Special Agents turn the tables on their would be interrogators. Still disorientated from the overall ordeal of the day, the subspecies known as “man” are in a weakened position. Lying them down on the ground next to their files and hovering above them, we decide to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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The three remaining detainees are marched into the auditorium, lined up, cuffed with hessian sacks placed over their already blindfolded faces. The three Special Agents, wearing their official latex uniforms reflect upon the success of this Interrogation Bootcamp intake. Lining up the three final detainees, they are kicked in the balls until they drop. As they leave the slumped bodies for the cleaning team, the three latex clad Special Agents walk off to report the good news to The High Commandress of the Female Supremacy.

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INSURRECTION: Whipping Out Their Confessions

Its getting towards the of a six hour interrogation. The Special Agents have changed into their official latex catsuit uniforms. After bullwhipping the two detainees who are chained to the whipping cross, the three special agents review the different information they received during their individual interrogations. When prisoner 598743 can simply take no more of the beatings, he lets out a swift confession. However, detainee 131677 who earlier told Special Agent Hunter that he disagrees with The Regime gets special treatment from the Special Agent Liza who eventually whips all of the insubordination out of him prompting a stark confession.

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We are certain subspecies males will recognise this picture.  The day Special Agent Liza was called in from the Counter Terrorism unit to assist both Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter to get to the bottom of the Insurrection…  One by one the events of that day are being released…  to find out what happened, you should be firmly fixated on