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RETRIBUTION V5: Subspecies Reunited

Now that the informant has finally given the two Special Agents a name, he is marched into the shit house with his other trembling subspecies accomplice. With both subspecies genuinely disorientated, the two Special Agents run a report on the intel they’ve been given. Incredibly, all of the information checks out and with one final rant, the two of them are left to meet their fate.

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RETRIBUTION V5: Preliminary Interrogation

Having swooped in on the two pathetic wimps, Special Agent Whiplash orders them to start removing one item of clothing. Special Agent Bella continues to humiliate and intimidate their lowly captives and threatens to take away their manhood if they continue to refuse to talk. When the tall one strips to his underpants, nothing could have prepared our Special Agents for what he had been concealing. When they continue to interrogate the usual suspects, they continue to deny knowing where Special Agent Black is. Once our Special Agents have stripped them both naked, they are restrained with cable ties and left to ponder their demise.

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V5: SWAT’s up losers?

After their debriefing, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Whiplash enter the compound and prepare to swoop in on the subspecies known as man. Dressed in their full SWAT gear, when they barge into their unsophisticated hiding area, both of our Special Agents ferociously begin the interrogation proceedings. The tall one is no stranger to Special Agent Bella as Special Agent Whiplash begins to intimidate and berate the new, unknown quantity. When we start asking the whereabouts of Special Agent Black, both members of the inferior gender play dumb – as to be expected.

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As the three subspecies losers lie naked on the cold cell floor, the two Special Agents think they ought to offer them a very special cocktail courtesy of the Female Supremacy. Only after they douse them with their bodily fluids, do they make the “weaker sex” kiss their thigh high boots to show submission before pledging alliance to work as double agents. They must each solemnly vow to take The Oath of The Female Supremacy. Making them read it out individually, the Special Agents make them read it out in unison before kissing the oath as a sign of submission.

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Discovering another co-conspirator, the two Special Agents drag this unsuspecting coward into the interrogation block. Confronting the original two detained prisoners, we strap the third assailant into the whipping bench. Trying to ascertain his involvement, the two Special Agents yell angrily at him and cleverly twisting the truth, they start planing lies into the mind of the new victim hoping he will speak. Special Agent Hunter soon loses her temper and starts cracking the cane across his exposed ass while Special Agent Bella shoves the evidence in his face. Forcing the other two to watch, we finish him off before marching him off to the gas chambers.


Marching their two captives into the interrogation chambers, the two Special Agents order the subspecies known as man to strip down naked. Intimidating them, Special Agent Bella peppers the air with threats and insults their disgusting bodies. Special Agent Hunter returns, smoking a cigarette and preparing the personal effects of the prisoners before being taken to their holding cell. The two Special Agents continue to interrogate them and more of their intended plot becomes apparent.

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Gathering at the bottom of the stairs, the two Special Agents nervously prepare to storm the premises of the subspecies known as man in a bid to turn the tables on their conspiracy. Bursting into the room and taking the wimps by surprise. Special Agent Bella keeps the two captors on the ground while Special Agent Hunter goes through their files revealing that they have been targets under surveillance. The two Special Agents are incensed that they have been stalked and now they want to turn the tables on their would be assailants. They will stop at nothing this time and interrogating them on the stairs ahead of they give them an indication what they’re up against.

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LAST CALL! Masochist Training Sessions – July 26th to 31st

IB Final Maso Training

Memo from the Department of Foreign Affairs

Since 2012, the combined forces of our two Special Agents has spread across the United Kingdom territory nearly depleting all of the sub-species known as man. So powerful have their ferocious tactics been with “the weaker sex” in INTERROGATION BOOTCAMP, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has decided it is time for reassignment.

In her recent CLIP, Special Agent Hunter had demonstrated that she would do anything it takes to continue the mission against the subspecies. So impressed was the The High Commandress, that she has decided to send Special Agent to a new, uncharted territory – top secret, of course.

In months to come, The High Commandress will be deploying Special Agent Bella to set up further camps in the French speaking territories (namely Paris and Zurich) although she will continue to be stationed at the Chiltern Base Camp to monitor the subspecies known as “man”.

What this means is that they will conduct one final mission. The two Special Agents will be offering one final chance to surrender to them in the UK. For those insubordinate males who feel they have what it takes, they will be conducting MASOCHIST TRAINING SESSIONS at the Chiltern base camp.

From July 26th to 31st they are offering one to one Masochist Training Sessions for £300/hr.

During basic Masochist Training, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but not exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE



The question remains….



(offer only open to residents of UK or European nations)




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INSURRECTION: Interrogation Box with Special Agent Bella

Prisoner 598743 sits hooded and cuffed to the table of the Interrogation Box when Special Agent Bella bursts in like an angry wasp. The two have met before in the past but the detainee is playing dumb. He drones on like a broken record, refusing to admit his role in the bombing of the HQ of the Female Supremacy making the Special Agent’s boil. When she realises he is probably too stupid to be the ringleader, she commands him to start licking her boots. Failing any intelligible answers, Special Agent Bella grabs the megaphone to see if turning up the volume will job his memory.

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