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RETRIBUTION V5: Back in the Shithouse

After a bought of whipping and caning, the brainless sub-species is dragged out of the dungeon and into the shithouse he was found hiding in. After the usual continued verbal humiliation, his hands are bound with cable ties and the two Special Agents bind him naked on the concrete floor. Special Agent Hunter had been held captive for so long without a toilet break and now seems the perfect time to drain her bladder. Special Agent Bella wants to contribute as well, but She leaves him the ultimate Female souvenir.

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RETRIBUTION V5: One Mighty Stroke of the Cane

When the flogging didn’t do enough to jog the memory of this big simpleton, he is dragged over to the whipping bench. As Special Agent Hunter prepares the leather straps, Special Agent Bella continues with Her line of questioning. After nearly five hours of questioning, all it takes is one stroke of Special Agent Hunter’s cane to make him change his mind. Suddenly he does claim to know who the leader is but can’t seem to remember his name. Although the two Special Agents have a go at his naked backside with their canes, he continues to be defiant. It’s time to take him back to the cold, rank shithouse where he was originally found hiding.

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RETRIBUTION V5: Hooded Cuffed and Whipped

Now that the three Special Agents are reunited, they peer down the hatch pondering which of which of the sub-species to victimise first. Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella settle on the big one – they’ve seen him many times before and they’re in the mood to fuck him up for old time’s sake. As Special Agent Whiplash hoists him up on the hydraulic suspension, the other Special Agents begin with a tirade of verbal humiliation. They’ve already ascertained that neither of the two detainees were Special Agent Hunter’s captor but they still have questions. Hooded and cuffed, Special Agent Hunter starts whip this brainless brute as Special Agent Bella soon joins in. When they get on a roll, the flogging becomes rather frenzied, but that’s not enough to make him speak.

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RETRIBUTION V5: Special Agent Black Revealed

Going on the confession of the two detained members of the subspecies known as man, our two Special Agents set out to find Special Agent Black. Finding a body huddled under a blanket in a cell, they rush towards the trembling figure to reveal the mystery woman…who is really Special Agent Hunter. She had been reassigned, renamed and working on a covert mission so secret that none of the other high ranking Special Agents knew about. As Her former comrade, Special Agent Bella is quite emotional and concerned for Her welfare – particularly that She hadn’t been interfered with. A very disorientated Special Agent Hunter explains Her sudden capture and subsequent interrogation.

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Special Agents’ Reassignment

With yet another successful mission behind them, our two Special Agents take a moment to discuss the debriefing from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy while having a cigarette. Special Agent Hunter has been reassigned to a new outpost which is so highly classified that even Special Agent Bella will not know her exact whereabouts. Where as Special Agent Bella has been ordered to keep the HQ intact while strengthening holds in the French speaking territories: France and Switzerland. Although it seems this might be the end for Interrogation Bootcamp as we know it, the Special Agents remind you to remain alert.

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As the three subspecies losers lie naked on the cold cell floor, the two Special Agents think they ought to offer them a very special cocktail courtesy of the Female Supremacy. Only after they douse them with their bodily fluids, do they make the “weaker sex” kiss their thigh high boots to show submission before pledging alliance to work as double agents. They must each solemnly vow to take The Oath of The Female Supremacy. Making them read it out individually, the Special Agents make them read it out in unison before kissing the oath as a sign of submission.

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V4: Latex Manifesto

After leaving the three captors in the cell to contemplate their attempted conspiracy, the two Special Agents enter in a state of emergency wearing their protective latex catsuits and gasmasks. Offering to spare their lives in exchange for taking a vow to The Female Supremacy, the Special Agents turn the tables on their would be interrogators. Still disorientated from the overall ordeal of the day, the subspecies known as “man” are in a weakened position. Lying them down on the ground next to their files and hovering above them, we decide to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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V4: Beating Shrek

Pulling the big one who looks like an ogre out of the cell, the two Special Agents bind him to a horse bench. Special Agent Bella starts giving him a good verbal berating while giving him some strong strokes across the backside. Special Agent Hunter steps in to continue with the harsh cane strokes and when he starts thrashing about too much, she props Special Agent Bella on to his back to hold him down. When the beating intensifies he starts flagging. Perhaps the exhaustion of getting furiously canned has finally changed his attitude from defiant to compliant.


Now its time to get a confession out of the old man so we verbally abuse him to instil fear in him early on in his interrogation. Once he is securely strapped into the whipping bench, the two Special Agents begin spanking his bare arse with their hands. Picking up the pace in the hopes it will jog grandpa’s memory, we move on to the floggers. When he reveals the most important thing to him is life, the Special Agents ask him if he wants to live. A surprising confession comes out of nowhere and the old man claims a loan shark whom he owed money to sent him to the Agents. Despite his exceedingly detailed confession, Special Agent Hunter gives him several strokes of the cane to remind him of his place.

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