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RETRIBUTION V5: Subspecies Reunited

Now that the informant has finally given the two Special Agents a name, he is marched into the shit house with his other trembling subspecies accomplice. With both subspecies genuinely disorientated, the two Special Agents run a report on the intel they’ve been given. Incredibly, all of the information checks out and with one final rant, the two of them are left to meet their fate.

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RETRIBUTION V5: Preliminary Interrogation

Having swooped in on the two pathetic wimps, Special Agent Whiplash orders them to start removing one item of clothing. Special Agent Bella continues to humiliate and intimidate their lowly captives and threatens to take away their manhood if they continue to refuse to talk. When the tall one strips to his underpants, nothing could have prepared our Special Agents for what he had been concealing. When they continue to interrogate the usual suspects, they continue to deny knowing where Special Agent Black is. Once our Special Agents have stripped them both naked, they are restrained with cable ties and left to ponder their demise.

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V5: Introducing Special Agent Whiplash

Meanwhile, over at the Hampshire Basecamp, Special Agent Bella meets Her new comrade Special Agent Whiplash for the first time. She is known throughout the Female Supremacy for Her legendary swift snap kick and in this POV, Special Agent Bella welcomes Her to the elite forces. Decked out in their swat gear, ahead of the swoop, they discuss the ridiculous demands of the subspecies known as man. Considering none of the Special Agents have ever met The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy, it seems highly unlikely that either of them would know the answer. Upon reading the brief, they discover that they are in search of Special Agent Black of whom they have never heard of. Who could this mystery woman be?

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V5: Feminist Bitch

Deep undercover, Special Agent Hunter had been reassigned on a solo mission track down the coordinates of a new insurgents. However,  leaked intelligence had lead one member of the subspecies known as “man” with a brain unusually larger than the others directly to Her whereabouts. After Her capture, she awakes hooded and restrained to the booming voice of her male assailant demanding to know the whereabouts of The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy. With the skill and technique our Special Agents would be impressed with, he systematically uses every trick in the book to get Her to speak. Using everything from baseball bats and hoods soaked in gasoline, will he get her to answer his two simple questions? Who is She and where is She. Is he man enough to make Special Agent Hunter talk?

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Marching their two captives into the interrogation chambers, the two Special Agents order the subspecies known as man to strip down naked. Intimidating them, Special Agent Bella peppers the air with threats and insults their disgusting bodies. Special Agent Hunter returns, smoking a cigarette and preparing the personal effects of the prisoners before being taken to their holding cell. The two Special Agents continue to interrogate them and more of their intended plot becomes apparent.

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In this POV, Special Agent Bella chastises you subspecies known as “man” for rummaging through her sock drawer. As the inferior gender, you must be punished and taught where your place is – which is beneath her feet. In a shockingly harsh verbal diatribe, listen as you are made to grovel beneath her sweaty knee high camo socks. As she points her toes, showing very defined high arches, she knows it turns you into a bigger weakling than you already are! When she seductively peels each sock off and makes you drop to your knees to sniff it, you will know you have become the latest dirty sock recruit.

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THE POV FILES: Forced to Suck on This

In between training sessions, our Special Agents are dressed down wearing their special IB civilian t-shirts and black boots. Reminding the subspecies known as man exactly why they are inferior, Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella use very colourful expletives to describe your paltry manhood or lack of it. During this berating POV the Special Agents bring out large didlos to compare to your cock which we all know is no match.

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The Staffordshire Experiment


Interrogation Bootcamp – The Staffordshire Experiment

11 March 2016 only

The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has gotten wind of a small cell of escaped detainees operating in the Staffordshire county of the West Midlands. She has deployed our two Special Agents to use their usual powers of interrogation and brute force to take them down.

However, in preparation of a much larger mission taking place in the near future, the two Special Agents have also been asked to carry out a highly classified experiment to test of the side effects of a newly developed technique for subjecting their prisoners to their special brand of psychological warfare.

Therefore Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter ask for members of the subspecies known as man to step forward and take part in this unusual event.

Commencing March 11th at 12.30 for one hour only detainees can expect the following (but not exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– intox

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE

Please note: This is a filmed event and a prepaid non refundable tribute of £150 will be required.

The question remains: ARE U MAN ENOUGH?


INSURRECTION: Ruled by his pathetic cock

Back in the cell, prisoner 365659 continues to resist the orders of Special Agent Liza and Special Agent Bella. Marching him into the main auditorium, they prepare to interrogate him even further. His pathetic cocklet is dribbling so Special Agent Liza begins chastising him for treating the Superior Gender like sexual objects. She threatens to shame him by making him produce a load of his useless semen. When he gets his jizz all over Special Agent Bella’s boot she yells at him to lick it off. As the two Special Agents continue to berate the inmate in the most humiliating ways, they finally order him to shoot his filthy load then lick it up drop by drop.

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INSURRECTION: Cell Intimidating

The Special Agents return to the cellar where the detainees are being held naked, cuffed and hooded. Intimidating them with a peppering of verbal humiliation, they let the subspecies known as man what they are up against. Neither of the Special Agents are feeling very lenient and their threats as they let them know retribution will be swift and uncompromising. Marching them up into the auditorium, our Special Agents prepare to take the prisoners to the next level.

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